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For, Jarrett, an installer of high-end home theater solutions, finding qualified prospects was a major challenge. He knew exactly who his best prospects were: recent home purchasers moving into expensive homes. He had a great reputation for doing quality work, but because he was “hands-on” every day with current jobs, he had no time to land more than a handful of new accounts. Not exactly a strategy for growth. That’s when he turned to

“Once I saw how easy it was to get a list of exactly the type of new homeowners I needed to grow my business, I was hooked,” says Jarrett. “My rep at walked me through my first order, and I had my list within minutes.” Jarrett selected new homeowners in seven counties with a home sale price of $250,000 or more. He landed two new customers from his first mailing alone. “I send a mailer out every month now,” said Jarrett. “My business has tripled, and I just hired my second installer.”

Success Story 2

Often, timing is the most critical factor in acquiring new customers. Michael, a satellite dish reseller, knew that he had to get his message to new homeowners within that critical first two weeks. He found out the hard way that not all “new homeowner” lists are the same. “We tried a list of new homeowners from a different company, and it was a total bust. We do direct-to-door sales, and my reps were telling me that most of these people had moved in well over six months ago. That’s wasted time, gas, and effort.” said Michael. “If we miss that initial two-week window after move-in, our customers have already made their decision on a video provider.”

Michael now buys lists of new homeowners from every other week. “I was really amazed at how many of the people on our list had just moved in,” said Michael. By using BrandNewHomeowners data, Michael’s reps were able to reach more qualified prospects within the time frame he specified and maximize their sales efficiency. “Fewer complaints from my reps, marketing costs are down, and we’re closing more business than ever, I couldn’t be happier.”

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April 8, 2020

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