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Order Process Tutorial

You'll have your list of new homeowners in just six easy steps. As you build your new homeowner list, the various selections you'll make through the six steps will be displayed on the left side of the screen. If ever you want to start over, just click the "Find New Homeowners" button at the top.

Step 1: Select the geographical area where you'll be marketing your products or services to new home owners. Enter ZIP codes, counties, area codes, DMAs, states, FIPS codes, or Carrier Routes. You can even upload a list of ZIP codes, area codes, etc. if you have too many to type.

Step 2: Choose how far back in time you want to look for new home owners. You can search for new homeowners as far back as a year.

Step 3: You have the option here to further target your new home owner mailing and telemarketing lists by sale price and mortgage amount. Keep in mind that while choosing criteria will make your list more targeted, it will reduce the number of new homeowners you can reach.

Step 4: Select the way you plan to use your new homeowner list: telemarketing, direct mail, both, or all listings. Choosing "telemarketing" means that each record will have a telephone number, but not necessarily a mailing address. Choosing "direct mail" means each record will have a mailing address, but not necessarily a telephone number. "Both" means each record will have both an address and a telephone number. Finally, "All Listings" means you will get all available records, whether they have a valid telephone number or address.

Step 5: will report back the total number of new homeowners in the area and date range you specified. You can save the report, or print the report.

Step 6: Here, you'll specify the file format you need for your new homeowner list, for example, Microsoft Excel format. Four different formats are available.

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April 8, 2020

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